Ottawa Flying Club

The Ottawa Flying Club

Founded in 1928, the Ottawa Flying Club is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting aviation in Canada. As a club, it is a meeting place for aviation enthusiasts, private owners and students who all share a love of planes and flying.

Membership in OFC provides access to the Ottawa International Airport, the Ottawa Flying Club's fleet of aircraft and staff of instructors. It also provides an opportunity to participate in many club trips and challenges where pilots can hone their skills on long cross-country flights or face flight planning challenges.

Of course, as in any club, there is the social aspect as well. The Ottawa Flying Club is a gathering spot for a great group of people.

During the day, The OFC has a large lounge with a Cafe/Restaurant that serves Asian cuisine. The Club holds frequent movie nights and aviation related seminars.

You are welcome to visit us, enjoy the restaurant, take a tour of the facilities. If you are at all interested in learning to fly, book an introductory flight and stop dreaming, start flying!

Membership Information

The Ottawa Flying Club is a not-for-profit organization operated solely for the benefit of its members. Anyone can join our club and become a member. If you already have your licence, you can join as a Flying Member. If you are a student, we offer a Student Membership at half the regular rate and we will waive that if you sign up for one of our ground school programs.

Not interested in flying but still want to enjoy the club atmosphere and help out, then become an Associate Member.

Membership has its benefits. Once you join, flying members and students will have access to the OFC fleet of aircraft and our instructors for training and rental use as well as our online booking system where you can reserve instructors and aircraft.

In addition, OFC is pleased to offer the following benefits to Flying Members who renew their membership by the Annual General Meeting in February of each year:

  • Membership in COPA (e-version)
  • AOPA Canadian package (magazine, access to website with safety articles, etc., access to flt planning features)
  • One hour free with an instructor
  • One hour free in the OFC simulator (solo or with the free instructor hour)

It is very simple to join. Fill out the membership form and send it to us be fax (613 523-2187) or mail. If you are going to fly, we'll also need you to sign a list of Club operational policies, outlining what you may and may not do with club aircraft.

Membership fees effective December 2011:

Annual Membership: $150
Student Membership: $75 (included in private ground school fee)
Associate Members: $35

HST tax will be applied to the membership fees. Rates subject to change without notice.

Contact The Ottawa Flying Club today for more information. Call 613-523-2142 or email

About the Ottawa Flying Club

The Ottawa Flying Club is a fantastic place to fly.

Stop dreaming. Start Flying!

The Ottawa Flying Club, or OFC for short, was originally founded in 1928 and given the mandate to promote aviation in Canada through flight training and support for general aviation. We have remained true to that vision for over 80 years, training thousands of pilots over the decades while providing a supportive and friendly environment for our members and students.

As a club, we provide our members with safe and cost effective access to the Ottawa International Airport and to our fleet of aircraft but, more than that, we provide a connection with aviation, with planes and people who share in the romance of flight. While many of our members are students who are with us for a short period, our sustaining members include people who have been with us for over 65 years. These people have an absolute love of aviation and the Ottawa Flying Club is dedicated to sharing that sense of romance with others.

It all starts with learning to fly. That first flight, the first solo, the first cross country flight. These are once in a lifetime events that live in memory for years and add to the excitement and romance of flight. There is a culture and language to it. An entire body of knowledge and skill. A never ending but entirely pleasant and challenging quest to learn more and to get better in a way that develops humble pride.

Over the decades, the Ottawa Flying Club has trained thousands of pilots, many of whom went on to careers in aviation. Despite the romance and love of flight, flight training requires a professional approach with the utmost focus on safety. That's why the Ottawa Flying Club puts a high emphasis on safety during training and encourages students to examine their own level of safety before ever stepping into a plane.

If you are curious and would like to experience flying for yourself we offer an Introductory Flight that will give you the chance to experience what flight training would be like in our aircraft. We also provide sightseeing tours of the local area for up to three people. Call us today to make an appointment: (613) 523-2142 and press 0 to speak with our Dispatch staff.

Membership has its benefits and Ottawa Flying Club members have access to our fleet of aircraft for rent and to frequent seminars, movie nights and social events. More importantly, members get to participate in our challenging cross-country trips. Club members have organized trips of with four or five aircraft to California, Bahamas, Florida, both coasts and many other destinations. These trips provide are both an adventure and an excellent way to build experience and confidence that you won`t find at other clubs.

As a social center, the Ottawa Flying Club Café & Lounge provides a comfortable place to spend the day with free wifi. The Café (open from 10am to 3pm) provides all day breakfasts and an excellent selection of Asian cuisine.

Stop by and visit us today. Everyone is welcome!

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